Grammy Beatles Mono Listening Party: A Report

Grammy Museum Panel
Steve Berkowitz, Ken Scott, Mike Mettler and Michael Fremer discussing the Beatles mono vinyl project.

I was fortunate to be able to attend a very limited seating listening party at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles on 9/10/14 to hear samples of the new Beatles Mono Box set hosted by Sound & Music editor Mike Mettler, and featuring the renowned recording engineer Ken Scott, reissue mastering supervisor Steve Berkowitz and Analog Planet’s Michael Fremer.

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Beatles Mono Vinyl: The Eagle Has Landed

Just when I thought it was safe to move on from collecting fetishistic vinyl, comes The Beatles In Mono LP’s available as individual titles or as a box set complete with special hardcover book.

Though I’m not one for compulsively adding every re-release from The Beatles to my collection, I just don’t have that much money or space in my home, I felt a overwhelming sense to the point of obsession with owning this new mono box. The audio was cut to vinyl at Abbey Road Studios, 100% analog with NO digitalizing whatsoever in the chain from the source master tape to disc. I couldn’t have, in my wildest nerd dreams, thought of a better way to deliver the mono LP mixes to the public.

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