Record Buying: On grading, the market place and other collecting conundrums

In the world of collecting, the subject of condition by experts and novices alike stirs a great deal of conflict for various reasons. For someone such as myself, who has been purchasing new and used vinyl LP’s and singles since the age of five, I’d like to think that my rather large investment of time, energy and money made me a more discerning collector, and later dealer. I’ve also come to the realization through the years, that despite by knowledge, there really is very little exact science and far more subjectivity in this hobby but there are ways to understand the market place better which I feel can make collecting a more fun and happier experience. So it is with this in mind, I’d like to start by giving an overview of grading and condition and their effects on pricing in the market place as well as some little quirks to the hobby.

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Dave Grohl: Surfing The Placid Swells Of Grunge

I have to admit that I’m pretty nonplussed by the long-term success of former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl. Since the death of Kurt Cobain back in 1994, Grohl has managed to establish himself, with a long string of successful albums and concert tours, as a go-to nice guy in the world of rock. I freely admit I’m kind of bewildered. I thought after his aptly-titled debut hit record “Foo Fighters” that he put out a string of albums each of which would go on to sell less than the one before it till he was left with a core of devoted fans while the masses would move on the next whatever. Or maybe he could have followed some other muse and became a more substantial artist by tapping a bit deeper into his core and actually push some experimental boundaries. Boy was I wrong. I can’t help being mildly bemused about the huge success of a guy who, admittedly drummed and sang backup quite well, but then was able to transform himself into the leader of a multi-platinum selling band after the death of the more creative,  but self-destructive Nirvana leader, Kurt Cobain.

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