Beatles Parlophone LP Label for A Hard Day's Night

Beatles Mono Vinyl: The Eagle Has Landed

Just when I thought it was safe to move on from collecting fetishistic vinyl, comes The Beatles In Mono LP’s available as individual titles or as a box set complete with special hardcover book.

Though I’m not one for compulsively adding every re-release from The Beatles to my collection, I just don’t have that much money or space in my home, I felt a overwhelming sense to the point of obsession with owning this new mono box. The audio was cut to vinyl at Abbey Road Studios, 100% analog with NO digitalizing whatsoever in the chain from the source master tape to disc. I couldn’t have, in my wildest nerd dreams, thought of a better way to deliver the mono LP mixes to the public.

To add to the crazy details, not only were the discs 180 gram virgin vinyl stunning beauties, but they even reproduced the album graphics and packaging using the old 60’s retro style flip-back jackets for the appropriate titles, top opening gatefold jacket for the white album with photos and poster, Sgt. Pepper psychedelic inner sleeve and cut-out sheet, and stapled booklet for Magical Mystery Tour. They are exact as printing production today would allow (the 2014’s are digitally printed while the original 60’s pressings were done using offset printing and a laminate coating which is obsolete in mass production today). And oh yeah, the box set comes with a neat hardcover book. So for those who don’t have the bucks for original near mint 60’s pressings, these new mono pressings are absolutely essential for vinyl aficionados to hear the Beatles as they were intended, for a fraction of the price.

11 thoughts on “Beatles Mono Vinyl: The Eagle Has Landed”

  1. I missed the listening party for The Beatles Mono Box set I have never heard of a listening until recently when a friend told me he went to a listening party for The Beatles Mono Box Set I do hope to get to one does anybody know of any listening parties planned in the future for any remixed Beatles music!

  2. It was a great experience Willie. It mainly reinforced how interesting, at least to me anyway, the mono mixes were. I wouldn’t denigrate the UK stereo mixes as I have a lot of appreciation for them, having grown up with them. But I do really love the centeredness of the mono mixes as compared to some of the stereo mixes where hard left or right channel panning of some of the instrument and vocals tracks took the guts out of the presentation of the songs. I can barely listen to the stereo mix of Day Tripper anymore because I hate that the drums are on one side and not the other. The fast version of Revolution is another example of a mono mix that just slaughters the stereo mix.

    1. TRUE !
      Try listening to “Hey Bulldog” in Stereo if your speakers
      are separated. !?!?!? I remember once on the radio, I heard the
      stereo version of “Hey Bulldog” , and I only heard part of the mix.

  3. I totally agree with you about Mono vs. Stereo as you said about Day Tripper I have my stereo set up my speakers are separated in two different rooms Day Tripper sounds like half a song because of the stereo separation it doesn’t sound good at all it sounds almost muffled!

  4. If you happen to be listening to Day Tripper while being nearer in proximity to the speaker playing the channel without the drums, the song does sound half complete, and really weird to me. In mono, it’s a completely different story. The drums drive the track. This is an essential track in mono.

  5. Hello Michael,
    While we are talking about mono and stereo I’m not sure but I think A Day In The Life has somewhat the same effects in stereo and mono I remember hearing the stereo separation when the speakers were a distance away from each other you could hear the song as if Lennon was in a room with no instruments singing.

  6. Hello Michael,
    Is there a way people can know in advance about any Beatles listening parties, is there a web site that provides future dates for these listening parties I missed the Beatles Mono listening party I’ve never been to one and would like to go to one in the future hopefully there will be some in 2015. Thank you any help would be appreciated.

  7. These listening parties were set up for the marketing of the new mono vinyl box. There were only three of them and that was all. I’ve not heard of any other listening parties before this marketing campaign but if I do hear of any in the future, I’ll post it.

  8. Hello Michael,
    While on the subject of Mono, have you ever heard that a Stereo version of You Know My Name the b-side of Let It Be is considered rare I just learned this today I guess it was never released on the single in Stereo and is considered rare have you ever heard about this I’m curious, there is something new everyday when it comes to The Beatles recordings!

    1. You Know My Name, if I’m not mistaken, was issued in true stereo on the Past Masters CD. The original single version (the B-side of Let It Be) was a mono mix.

      1. Apparently, I am mistaken. The version of You Know My Name on Past Masters is not stereo. The only stereo version was the one on Anthology 2 which is not the same edit as the single.

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